Chinese language translation in Khabarovsk

Does your business need a translator of Chinese language in Khabarovsk? We are ready to help you in this situation. The Interpreters Guild is a professional translation agency, ready to make the best performance of any tasks with different complexity in the sphere of translations and communications among people. We specialize on the performing services to foreign companies, which are interested in work in Khabarovsk Krai and Far East Federal District.

About 1.3 billion people (one-fifth of the world) speak Chinese, making it the language with the largest number of native speakers. The Chinese language, spoken in the form of Standard Mandarin, is the official language in the largest part of mainland China and Taiwan, one of the four in Singapore, and an official idiom of the United Nations.

During the last 10 years a profitable cooperation of Russia and China was reached in different spheres. Having a joint business looks very profitable for Russian and Chinese businessmen. And especially Khabarovsk – a city, located on the border, is the most important point of crossing Russian and Chinese interests – a place of meeting cultures. That is why the services of professional translator in great demand.

The Interpretation Guild performs wide specter of translation services of Chinese language in Khabarovsk. Our specialists work on a meeting and negotiations, organize events in Chinese, assist in business correspondence, work with individual orders and documents translating. Also our translators are ready to accomplish less mainstream tasks such as translations in the cinema, literature, computer games, program software and in localizations of Chinese products to Russian Market, and Russian products to Chinese market.

We understand, that Chinese language translators do not always participate in solving major tasks. Considering the close distance of Khabarovsk to China, it is not surprising that our Guild have a lot of small orders. In this case the Guild performs a service – Chinese language translator in Khabarovsk for 1 hour. If you need an interpreter’s assistance on the business meeting or translation of the documents - The Interpreters Guild is what you need.

Remember, quality translation is the key of successful communication with international partners or audition. We have already done this postulate as a one of our main principles of work. Come and join us!