French language translation in Khabarovsk

Do you need a translator of French language? The best French language translators are working here! The Interpreters Guild is a professional translation agency, ready to make the best performance of any tasks with different complexity in the sphere of translations and communications among people. We specialize on the performing services to foreign companies, which are interested in work in Khabarovsk Krai and Far East Federal District.

French language has a rich history. In XVII-XVIII centuries French was the main language of international speaking in Europe. Interesting fact: The Pleading in English Act of 1362 which obliges using English in State Courts was written in French. Coat of Arms of Great Britain still shows up an inscription of French «Dieu et mon droit» («God and My Right»).

Of course, the role of French language nowadays became less for a little bit, but it is still remains very valuable. 270 million of people are speaking French; it has official status in 29 countries and is spread all around the world.

No wonder that services of a professional translator of French are being in demand in Khabarovsk. French is approved in business cooperation, in collaborative science research and in cultural exchange between countries. Broadly speaking, they do wide range of tasks.

The Interpreters Guild’s translators can perfectly handle with all these objects. We perform a business correspondence in French language, translating documents, contracts, papers and agreements from French and on French, and of course, we are ready to assist on the negotiations, businesses deals and meetings.

Translator of French language in Khabarovsk, provided by the Interpreters Guild is a guarantee of high quality performed services. It is a business class level of interpretation in Khabarovsk. Our specialists are oriented on a quality of translation, reliability and time limits.

Remember, quality translation is the key of successful communication with international partners or audition. We have already done this postulate as a one of our main principles of work. Come and join us!